Plus Size Myths

When it comes to plus size myths, the best approach would be subtracting as you go along rather than multiplying them. Today we will discuss 5 plus size myths and break them once and for all.

Myth #1: Wearing plus size lingerie means that you?re fat.

Often times, when a woman is wearing plus sized lingerie, she is ostracized by other people. If you?re wearing a size bigger than most, people automatically assume that you?re a tad heavier too. Wearing plus size means that you have a bigger frame or that you are top heavy. This doesn?t necessarily translate into obesity. There is a world of difference between wearing a plus size and being unattractively fat. Don?t let it get you. Lots of plus size women like Crystal Renn, America Ferrera and (gasp!) Marilyn Monroe are considered beautiful.

Myth #2: You can fit comfortably into small bras.

No matter what others say, trying to wear an ill-fitting bra brings ill effects. It is not embarrassing to wear a plus size bra at all. Take Le Mystere?s Dream Tisha Bra. Most of Le Mystere?s bras are sexier than its smaller sized counterparts.

Myth #3: Being beautiful means being a size zero.

We are surrounded with images of thin women no matter where we go. Fashion has long been a body-fixated industry. As a result, many women have negative body image. But being beautiful doesn?t mean that you have to fit into a size 0 dress. Take America?s Next Top Model Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson. She wears a size 10 and she is proud of it. Going under your healthy weight to be able to fit into a dress is not only unhealthy, but it will also not have glamorous repercussions.

Myth #4: Being thin means being healthier.

A small frame doesn?t automatically translate into fitness and health. This is a common misconception. Health should never be equated with a dress size. Some people are wraith thin but they aren?t at the peak of health. There are lots of plus size women who are living healthy and productive lives. Being a healthy person includes that you are eating well and that you are at your ideal weight.

Myth #5: You have to measure up against the standard.

Trying to look like air brushed models on magazine covers will never be healthy for your self-esteem. Measuring yourself against unrealistic ideals will make you feel frustrated. Conversely, there is no ?standard size?. You should embrace your size, no matter how petite or plus size you are. Wearing plus size lingerie can help you feel sexier and better.

Choosing Trousers In Women Plus Sizes

Trousers were used to be worn by male since the 16th century. It was only in the early 20th century that trousers were popularly worn by women. It now comes in different styles and sizes. There are also trousers in women plus sizes that?s suitable for girls in full figures. Depending on the style and the type of fabric, trousers can either be used for casual and formal wear.

Choosing trousers plus sizes is sometimes not easy. The goal of the buyer is that it should fit perfectly in the hips and legs. But there are still other parts of the trouser that are highly important for the right fit. For one, the length of the trouser should match with that of the user?s legs. The fit of the crotch should be considered because trousers with too loose or too tight crotch may have effect on how women look with the trouser. Checking the upper and lower hips is also crucial. This is the most important measurement in choosing trousers as there are different hip plus sizes for women. The upper hip is the measurement around the waist while the lower hip is the measurement around the buttocks. One should know her hips size as there are different hip sizes available in the stores. To ensure the best fit, women should test-wear trousers before buying. Also, they would be able to feel if they are comfortable wearing the trouser and if it compliments their full figure.

Chocolate Lover T-shirts And Gifts: Show Your Love

Almost everyone has at least a few t-shirts in their closet for days when they don?t have to dress up and want to feel comfortable on a warm day. A t-shirt says a lot about a person and you should be able to find any kind of t-shirt you want. They go great with almost any pair of shorts, pants or blue jeans.

There are so many options for t-shirts out there; you can get ones with funny quotes or messages on them or shirts with interesting designs as well. You can even find places that specialize in custom t-shirts where you can print a certain image or shirt on any kind of shirt and shirt color you like. You can even go as far with a shirt to state everyday things that you love.

One of those things that people like to display is their love for chocolate. It?s not secret that many people love chocolate and feel like they can?t live without. Chocolate is a food that people have been obsessed about for a long time and have no problem telling others how much they love it.

That?s why it?s good to find t-shirts that state exactly how you feel, so you can tell everyone who reads the shirt how much you love chocolate. And if you aren?t the one that is obsessed with chocolate yourself but live or work with someone who is, chocolate t-shirts are a great gift. It?s a good way to have a little fun with your friends or family about their obsession with chocolate, and it is a pretty funny obsession.

However, if you don?t want to give a t-shirt as a gift, then you can give other things as well. You can get mugs, hats, tote bags, key chains, ties, sweatshirts, hoodies, teddy bears, and many other items with funny messages and pictures about chocolate on them. It?s just another way to have fun with a co-worker or a family member and to brighten other people?s days. The designs and words on the shirts can be virtually anything and a lot of places already have pre-existing images and wording so all the work is done for you. You even have the ability to customize the kind of color the shirt or object is that it will be printed on.

Life is too serious at times so it helps to be able to have a joke with your friends of family. Laughing makes everyone feel better, even if they are experiencing a bad day. It can make a good day even better also. That?s the whole point of giving people gifts, making people feel better, so why not make them laugh while you are at it. And there really isn?t anything funnier than a chocolate obsession. You might as well give them a box of chocolates while you are giving them their t-shirt or other gift as well, but I wouldn?t expect them to share the chocolates with you.

Celebrity Brands

Music and fashion have always gone hand and hand; Artists become celebrities and icons through a unique quality, their performance and their ability to affect society in some shape or form whether it is through their image and style or their views and actions. Many musical artists have recognised that they can create a brand through their fame as people want to share their style and lifestyle. It has been going on for years such as when the Spice Girls wore buffalo boots, people through by mimicking them, that they too showed ?Girl power? and when the Sex Pistols wore bicker boots and torn t-shirts, people also wanted to wear the same to reflect them and to show that they too were anarchists. Now ti sis the turn of the rappers, and many have successfully translated their image into a brand for people to buy into. One such rapper is Jay z.

Due to society?s celebrity obsession, becoming stronger and stronger, it is no wonder that many celebrities have recognised the profitability of their name and image. Many have brands that offer clothes, fragrances, and accessories all designed supposedly by the artist themselves. Jay Z was one of the first hip hop artists to jump on the band wagon and start his own range which is arguable one of the most popular and successful.

Jay Z endorses the bran called Rocawear. Although he founded the company with his business partner and friend Damon Dash, in 1999, by 2006, Jay Z decided to go it alone, and took over the company due to the pair falling out. The rocawear clothing range was originally just for man, but expanded into ladies wear, childrens wear, footwear and accessories producing an estimated annual turnover of over $700 million. However, the profits don? tstop their for Jayz, as in 2007, he sold the rights to Rocawear to the group Iconix with Jay Z walking away $207 million richer. This shows the enormous potential that these celebrity brands have and that if they become successful, there is no limits to the earnings.

How this urban brand manages to be so successful is through its identification with the fans, with Jay Z still at the design helm Rocawear and even wears the clothes from rocawear on tour. It is clear to see that customers by the range to replicate the hip hop artist Rocawear and the most popular ranges of the lines are the jeans by rocawear. The brand that Jay z has successfully created allows others to taste a bit of the fame letting them associate with their favourite rap star. Many other celebrity brands are also successful in achieving this and many more in the future will follow in his footsteps.

Rocawear urban clothing is one of the leading hip hop fashion brands throughout the wolrd representing street style that youths of today can identify with.

Gay Men’s Influence On Fashion, Style And Popular Culture

Popular culture is constantly evolving. There are many influences on what is considered fashionable and stylish at any one time. Some tend to dominate, however. And one growing trend is the effect of gay male sensibilities on many aspects of mainstream culture including films, television and fashion. No longer on the margins of mainstream culture, gay men are often making its rules.

Take the breakout show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This entertaining television program took the (often true!) stereotype of gay males being more fashion conscious, cultured and aesthetically adept than straight males and made it the central idea. These witty gay men ran amock, giving advice to clueless straight guys on everything from their choice of swimwear to their behavior with the opposite sex. The show was a huge hit in the USA and globally, and even spawned localized versions in different countries.

There are other, more general examples. Take the gay ideal of masculinity, which has a focus on good grooming and physical fitness. While gay male icons are often Adonis like, their heterosexual counterparts have long been able to get away with being less than fit and sometimes downright slobby. But this seems to have changed in recent years.

A couple of recent "sword and sandal" epics illustrate this well. In the film Troy, both main stars (Brad Pitt and Eric Bana) were fitter, stronger and more muscular than in any of their previous roles. A similar look was required for the movie 300 about Spartan warriors. All of the principal actors, as well as the extras, had clearly spent a lot of time at the gym. The star, Gerard Butler, followed a punishing training regime for four months prior to filming, often working out with a well known body builder.

One wonders how many of the original Spartans would have looked so buffed. They certainly didn't have the benefit of digital blood sugar monitors, isometric gym equipment, protein bars and all the rest. (Thought they would have been far more lethal, of course!)

Compare these films with the Roman epics of the fifties and sixties. In films such as Ben Hur and Spartacus physical perfection was not nearly as important. Stars such as Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas and Charlton Heston were certainly fit, but hardly the perfect physical specimens we've seen parading across the screen lately.

The evolving character of James Bond is another case in point. Sean Connery, the original movie Bond, was a masculine icon. He had an imposing physique and was hairy chested. He certainly wasn't overweight, but he wasn't toned either. While he did get around in his swimming trunks in at least one film, this was as much to serve the plot as it was to give the women something to ogle.

Then there was Roger Moore. While he was dapper and stylish, he was not very athletic. He was most comfortable in a suit, and seemed to have an aversion to swimwear.

The latest Bond, Daniel Craig, is more fit and muscular than any of his predecessors. He's probably been training with Gerard Butler! In one purely ornamental scene in Casino Royale he rises from the surf to display his (hairless) barrel chest and washboard stomach. Needless to say, when dressed he's always wearing the most stylish attire.

It's interesting that these are all big budget movies that are made appeal to a broad demographic. They are guy films; not gay films. Yet the action men in them look fit, sleek and often fashionable while killing all the bad guys. While the rising influence of gay male aesthetics isn't the only reason for this phenomenon, it is certainly a major factor.

Buying Wholesale Stylish Designer Jeans

Whole body is made differently, so find perfect jeans are a unique experience for each customer. Shopping online for wholesale jeans can also be difficult. Adolescents are particularly affected by the style, fit and brand name. Here are some tips to help teens find the perfect jeans.

Find a Good Fit Everybody is different, so that the adjustment of jeans is important. Jeans must fit well at the waist, hips, crotch, thighs and legs and ankles. There are several types of adjustment: the right leg, boot cut, Hipsters, carpenter, cargo, loose fit, low, flared and relaxed. Most teens choose jeans for the look, but it is important that the form is too right. The comfort and the ability to be flexible while wearing the jeans should also are a deciding factor when buying jeans.

The great thing about shopping online for wholesale jeans teens get to choose many adjustments to find the perfect pair of jeans. Many sites that offer wholesale designer jeans have a wide selection of styles, and place brand names at great prices. Brands like Seven Jeans, Antik Denim, Polo, Bape, Red Monkey, True Religion Jeans, Juicy Couture, Rock & Republic and the BBC can be accessed online at wholesale prices. They offer the designer jean selection every dream teens! Choosing Jean Color and Style Another focus for today fashion jean is the style and color. It is no longer necessary to jeans in one shape and color. They are available in many unique designs to suit every personality and preference. The colors and fabrics are washed in a certain extent at the factory to give them a look and feel.

Some of jean styles and colors available today: * Crosshatch: Denim weave has a cross-stitch design. * Polished: Denim without explosions or tints, in its pure form. * Frayed: Has tattered edges along the leg funds, bags, belts, etc. * whiskered: explosions "cat whiskers" appear around the front fly. * Difficulty: Have released hems and fight. * Ring-spun: Allows a vertical model in denim. * Colored explosions of colors such as pink or khaki. Online Shopping Tips Having a wide selection of jeans online, it is easier to find both the right person and style.

Check with an online mall that sells wholesale jeans and do a search depending on the brand you are looking for. If measures are not available, do an online search for measures of this brand and size. You may be able to find measurements for almost any type of jeans online.

To know the steps, you can buy with confidence that the jean is formed. Also, make sure the company you are buying from a return or exchange policy if the adjustment is not fair when you receive the jeans. Know the names brand that suits you, it will be easier to make purchases online. Designer jeans by companies like Polo, Antik Denim, Red Monkey, Bape, BBC, Rock & Republic, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Seven Jeans, True Religion Jeans and others will be generally consistent in how they are if you stay with a particular brand. Find wholesale jeans online not only saves money and time, but also opens the door to a wide choice of style of jeans.

Rock And Roll Petticoats.

It seems as though petticoats have always been a part of the rock and roll scene and will probably continue to be so as long as the cult continues to grow in popularity. For members of the rock and roll community however the problem can be in locating reliable petticoat suppliers in the first place. Genuine petticoats and their creation are a rather specialized market so it is essential that petticoat enthusiast should know and trust who they are dealing with when it comes to making that all important dancing petticoat purchase decision.

You will find literally hundreds of outlets on the internet but most of them seem to be catering for a different market. Their garments primarily targeted more towards the fashion market or worse still those interested in dressing up in feminine attire. Of course none of these garments are any where near suitable for the purpose of rock and roll dance costume. Most rock and rollers worth their salt will tell you that it is all in the netting and the way that the petticoat is put together. If these are not properly sorted the desired effect will not be achieved whilst rock and rolling. The skirts will not flare and rise in the correct manner and this in turn will diminish the overall rather sexy effect of rock and roll dancing.

There is however an answer to this rock and roll dancing quandary and it should come as no surprise. Quality over quantity is the cliche that springs to mind when it comes to authentic dance costume.. The mass produced and thrown together garments are totally unsuitable for square dancing although they are undoubtedly cheaper to buy. If you are seeking perfection you need to find either a skilled seamstress experienced in the art of petticoat making or search out a specialist dance wear supplier online. There are fortunately plenty of both to be found on the internet and that is the good news.

Internet growth has opened up huge worldwide market places which means that niche suppliers (such as petticoat makers) now have a steady stream of customers demanding queuing up to buy their wares. Once upon a time it would have been almost impossible for these kind of business to survive but now they are booming. Great news for petticoat rock and roll enthusiast who now have a far wider choice of suppliers to purchase their petticoats from. Undoubtedly with competition also comes value and the price of even the best quality petticoats has become much more affordable to the enthusiast or collector alike.

Rock and roll dancing for many people will always be just a passing phase but for the true followers of the pastime it is virtually a way of life. For these people the dress code is an essential part of their identity so it has to be authentic in every way. For them there is no second best when it comes to petticoats and only the genuine article is good enough. It is not uncommon for a rock and roll enthusiast to pay hundreds of dollars for an original vintage petticoat at auction.

But for those who are perhaps just trying out or learning it is perhaps not advisable to lay out lots of cash until they are certain that rock and roll or the outfit is something they wish to pursue more fully. Under such cercumstances it may even be a good idea to purchase one of those cheaper imitation petticoats we spoke about earlier on. Then when they have decided that it's definitely for them the genuine article will be a must have part of their rock and roll atire.attire

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Carving Tips For Halloween Pumpkin

When it comes to Halloween party, it is all fun. One of the most well liked events of Halloween is carving pumpkin. Before you buy or pick your Halloween pumpkin from the local pumpkin shop, you first need to plan the pumpkin design. You can as well take the easy way out and but readily available pumpkin patterns, or you could further design your own.

Buying good pumpkin

The pumpkin?s shape and size would decide what type of patterns and drawings you could use to it. If you are using pumpkin carving design then it is necessary to buy a pumpkin, which matches the stencil?s size and requirements. If you don?t plan on using a stencil then makes certain that your Halloween pumpkin is tall and huge enough for the sketchy design that you are carrying in your mind.

Look for a pumpkin that?s not excessively ripen. It needs to be in the right color orange and not have any squashy spots or bruises. Look for a strong stem and you should never, ever lift the pumpkin by the stem. Sturdy or not, it?s a small trip from ?nice Halloween pumpkin? to splat.

Hold the pumpkin nicely and then smell it around the stem and top. If in case it smells very strong and ?pumpkiny? then there is a possibility that it?s too ripe, pass it up and hunt for another. Thump the pumpkin and pay attention for a solid ?thunk?. A void sound could be of bad news. Carry your Halloween pumpkin cautiously and move it home safely. A black-and-blue pumpkin rots very fast and may not make it during the Halloween season.

Preparing process

  1. Cut a circle properly around the top of the pumpkin with no damage on the stem.
  2. Remove the top stem and put aside.
  3. Remove and throw away the pulp and seeds unless you would like to make Vampire Fingernail snacks for your Halloween party.
  4. With a soft knife or same scraper, quietly scrape down the inside of the pumpkin to take away any moist flesh adhering to the sides. Be careful not to harm the wall of the pumpkin.

Next step is pumpkin stencil

  1. Wipe the outside of the Halloween pumpkin so that it is empty of dust and any other foreign material. If you require wiping it down with a wet rag, permitting it to become methodically dry before moving on to the next step.
  2. Tie the stencil to the side of the Halloween pumpkin, which you have selected to be the face. Tie the top left area first, then the top right, bottom left and only then bottom right. Bring the stencil out as you are tying the same.
  3. Using an ice pick or a locate punch tool, slowly poke holes through the stencil and then into the pumpkin. Follow all the lines of the stencil cautiously. It? is simply like playing connect-the-dots games.
  4. Check cautiously to make certain that you have moved the whole pattern and then take away the stencil. Keep the stencil practical to refer to in case you get puzzled while cutting.

Girdles For Men From Marena Everyday

One associates girdles predominantly with women. Women have long worn them in their quest to look slim and sculpted. Whilst a scientifically designed and constructed girdle can make one feel and look great, a poorly made one can be very uncomfortable making the wearer feel sore all over. Atlanta based Marena group, a world leader in post surgical compression apparel, has addressed this problem successfully after years of scientific development, laboratory testing and clinical analysis. And thanks to Marena, high ? performance and super comfortable girdles are now available for men as well. The company has brought its expertise in the manufacture of therapeutic compression apparel to the development of a line of innovative and high performance shape wear for regular non medical use. This is the Marena Everyday range of compression garments, the only one in its category that combines F5 textile technology with advanced garment design.

Today, the Marena Everyday collection includes Shape Wear and Sleep Wear for women only, Active Wear for women and men as well as Men?s Gear. The men only product line is proven to produce a slimming effect equivalent to as much as one pant size. Marena uses real body scanner results to support this claim.

All Men?s Gear products are manufactured from ComfortWeave, Marena?s F5 certified cutting edge compression fabric. Scientifically developed and tested at the university level, this fabric combines the five key characteristics, which make it the most effective as well as comfortable compression material on the market today. All Marena Everyday garments are made from ComfortWeave and offer unmatched supportive compression and comfort. No other brand offers this state of the art combination.

What makes ComfortWeave unique are distinctive features such as high power and stretch, durability, softness, inbuilt Coolmax? moisture management technology and effective anti bacterial protection. Other compression garments found on the market are normally manufactured from powernet fabric, which are capable of either high compression or high stretch at a time, but not both simultaneously. ComfortWeave, on the other hand, incorporates unique three dimensional stretch properties, which provide all directional support to the body. A high degree of elasticity ensures that whilst the fabric provides high compression it also yields just a little to wrap like a second skin without squeezing painfully.

Laboratory tests have proved that F5 certified fabrics are the most durable stretch material on the market today. The fabric is constructed in such a way that the premium fibers interlock in a hard ? wearing weave, which is tough enough to withstand extended wear and rigorous washing. Tests have shown that Everyday garments are capable of retaining their shape beyond 30 intensive washes and 60, 000 flexes. Powernet fabrics have not proved to be as resilient.

A specific blend of superior yarns such as Invista?s Lycrasoft spandex and Tactel nylon fibers make ComfortWeave so soft that it feels like silk next to skin. Both Tactel and Lycrasoft are certified to be amongst the best performing and softest fibers in the industry today. Because Marena Everyday garments are super soft, one can wear them comfortably all day.

All Marena Everyday garments come with inbuilt Coolmax? moisture absorption capacities, which wick perspiration away from skin to the garment?s outer surface and into the atmosphere. This unique feature ensures that the garment remains dry and cool throughout the duration of wear.

Inbuilt anti microbial protection prevents bacteria, mold and other microbes from developing on the fabric and producing unpleasant odor. The wearer thus feels clean and fresh no matter how hard and long he works out.

The Everyday Men?s Gear line includes tanks, biking shorts, short and long sleeve shirts and exercise shorts. These garments are targeted at today?s men who like to feel fit and comfortable and look good at the same time. Like all Everyday apparel, men?s shape wear also increases power and performance. In the case of men, this increase can be as much as 12%. The high Lycra content in ComfortWeave reduces muscle vibration thereby ensuring that muscles do not tire as easily. Everyday wearers thus find they have more energy to work out. F5 certified fabric also improves blood circulation.

Whatever your lifestyle and no matter how arduous your exercise regimen, Marena Everyday has the right solution for you. The rugged all purpose tank is developed to withstand the most punishing routines and look and feel good in the process. And because it comes with anti microbial protection you stay fresh throughout. Try it and feel the difference; it will likely become one of your wardrobe must - haves.

The sleeveless T shirt provides flexible support for your torso whilst leaving your arms free to move easily. This high performance comfortable T shirt is ideal for work and play.

Try the short sleeve shirt if you want something tough, comfortable and versatile enough to wear almost anywhere. Whether you?re working or relaxing, this durable and flexible shirt promises comfort and energy.

The long sleeved turtle neck exercise shirt is so strong and comfortable that it?s perfect for an action packed outdoor routine. Fine styling makes it look great and you find yourself wanting to wear it more often. Whether you?re working outdoors, playing football or out on the trail, this shirt supports and moves with you.

Everyday exercise shorts offer comfortable support through long hours at the gym or out on the track. They are tough yet lightweight, soft and flexible. Breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and dry even during marathon training sessions.

If you are looking for high performance and comfort over the long haul, try Marena Everyday exercise pants. No matter how long and hard you work out, these hard ? wearing pants will support and move with you. Coolmax ? moisture absorption technology ensures that you stay fresh and dry over long runs or bike rides as well as extended weight training sessions at the gym.

With this range of scientifically developed comfortable body sculpting tanks shirts and pants, you need no longer feel stiff, sweaty and uncomfortable. Pick up a Marena Everyday garment and feel the difference in performance and comfort. You?ll find yourself looking great too!

Plus Size Formal Wear ? Getting Dressed To Kill

Formal wear is hard to find in the first place. It is hard to know what is appropriate for which kind of occasion. Do you wear a long dress or a short dress? Do you make your husband wear a suit or a sport jacket and slacks? What exactly is considered a formal occasion anyway? This is a headache we have all had a one point in time, but if you are in need of plus size clothing this might be an even larger headache for you as it is even harder to find good plus size formal wear.

Well I have some good news for you. There is actually a pretty large selection of plus size formal wear on the internet. Now I know it is hard to buy on the internet as you don?t know how the clothes will fit, how the color ill look, etc. however, I have another suggestion. I would use the internet as a resource to decide what kind of outfit you are looking for. There are actually a few really good plus size website devoted almost entirely to formal wear. It would seem that at least some people realized there was a market out there to take advantage of. Now look on the internet and you will find that there are actually some very nice flattering things for larger women. These pictures can be used a good templates to take with you when you go to the stores to look.

If you are a lot braver than me you can even just order the dresses online and then have any alternations made at home after you get the dress. I have to say I was surprised; there are some very nice things on these sites. I think that more women need to be made aware of what is out there.