How Is UPF Different From SPF?

We are finally at the end of summer after another season of droughts and heat waves that were unprecedented. But it isn't over. This type of weather could continue into fall. You can expect to get a little more sunlight than usual during the back-to-school season. Even after summer is officially over, you should be paying more attention to the UV index.

Your most vulnerable parts when you venture out in the sun are your extremities and face. If you are going swimming, this includes any area that is exposed by your swimwear. We're all about keeping you covered, cool, protected and not smothered. These are our top picks for doing just that.

  • Crunching the Numbers
    What is the difference between UPF and SPF?
    Sun-protection clothing is marked with a numerical ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), much like sunscreens' SPF numbers. This number shows how much ultraviolet light passes through the fabric. For example, a shirt with UPF50 will absorb or scatter 98% of ultraviolet radiation. This allows only 1/5 of the original UV light to reach your skin. SPF measures how long it takes for skin to turn red in the sun.

Because the UV index changes depending on the environment and the geography of your location, it is difficult to know how long an UPF will protect you. You can also wear regular clothing. However, darker colors and densely woven fabrics absorb more UV light than normal clothing. Sun-protective clothing is great because unlike SPF lotions, you don't have to reapply your shirt.This post was written by a professional at Boat Bitch. Whether it's hats, sunset hoodies, sun and water tops or just everyday tops, Boat Bitch Apparel will keep you looking great while on your boating excursion. The super soft, feminine cut, stretchy boating clothes will keep you in Boat Bitch style looking and feeling great all day long. Featuring UPF 50+ / SPF 50+ sun protection, moisture wicking technology, pastel colors and reinforced seams Boat Bitch apparel is the perfect fit when it comes to ladies boating clothes. Check out our clothing and accessories today!