Using Makeup To Camouflage Face Shape

Well, next time you see one, just walk towards them complement them and ask them where did they do their hair or where did they buy their clothes or how do they do their make up ?

There is nothing to be shy about approaching them. This is how we learn. They will willingly tell you because number 1, they have been praised for their good and to maintain the nice feeling, they will share their secrets with you.

Now, can you look good all the time or at any time of the day? Of course you can, all of us can. Remember, all of us are born good looking. All you need to do is understand yourself, analysis your face shape, your body shape your skin tone coloring and then you enhance your best features and camouflage you?re not so good features with makeup or dressing or accessories.

Let?s start with your face shape. There are various face shapes ? round, square, rectangle, triangular, oval, pear, diamond, triangle and many more fancy names. I am not going to confuse you but to get you to know your face shape easily. How to do this? Well, continue reading this article.

Focus on the lower part of your face which is from the end of your ear loop down to your jaw.

Look into the mirror and ask yourself, does your jaw line look soft with curves or angular with angles?
Is your face long and narrow or wide and short?

Answer to question 1;

Soft with curves jaw line
Wear your jewelleries such as earrings, necklace, eyewear, hairstyles, and necklines in curve lines. Complement with your curve jaw line, do not conflict with your jaw line because this will make you look very rounded.

Angular with angles
Wear your jewelleries such as earrings, necklace, eyewear, hairstyles, and necklines in angular lines. Complement with your angular jaw line, do not conflict with your jaw line because this will make you look very angular.

Answer to question 2;
Long and narrow face
Fringe will look lovely on you.

Wide and short face
Show off your forehead; do not cover them with fringe because this will make your face looking shorter. Eventually, people have to search for your eyes.

Next you look at the bridge of your nose. For those with long bridge nose, you can either camouflage with slightly darker foundation or loose powder. But you must avoid centre parting hairstyle. Apply some dark colors on the nostril area and darken the centre of your nose.

If you have very square jaw line, use a darker foundation or concealer and shade the side of your jaw to give an impression of a curve jaw line.

Nevertheless, I strongly recommend you to not to do so much camouflage, but to enhance your better features and nobody will even notice your flaw.

Show Nittany Lion Pride With Penn State Apparel And Penn State Gifts

WE ARE!! PENN STATE!! There is no other pride like Nittany Lion pride. Who hasn?t seen the ever-present Penn State sweatshirt proudly worn in one?s home when not in Pennsylvania?! Everybody wants Penn State apparel to show their enthusiasm for such a fabulous school, and there are many items available in addition to the well-known sweatshirts.

There is a great deal of variety in Penn State apparel including t-shirts, sweats, hats, jackets, and much more; and they come in women?s, men?s, and even children?s and babies? sizes. Different logo styles and colors are available for many items, and on the clothing, specific teams can be noted (it is not just all about the football, although who can resist that?). Every team logo from soccer and baseball to basketball and lacrosse are available on clothing items; and don?t forget to commemorate the Capital One Bowl Champions and the Women?s Volleyball Champions with Penn State apparel and merchandise! Also available for a great Penn State gift for a favorite athlete is Under Armour active wear with PSU logos.

There are also countless other Penn State gifts and home d?cor offered. A great gift for a Penn State fan, young or old, could be a Penn State blanket, rug, book, or CD. There are also collectibles, flags, and glassware: perfect Penn State gifts for someone?s home or office. For the Penn Stater who has everything, how about a cheerleading outfit, football jersey, or PSU bandana for their dog as the ideal gift? Having a party for a Penn State alumni reunion or tailgate? Merchandise including paper products, grill accessories, party lights, and even food items are available for a great themed event. Throw in some party favors for guests with some decals, magnets, and key chains for a fun takeaway.

The list of options is endless for Penn State apparel and Penn State gifts for Nittany Lion fans. Showing Penn State pride with merchandise and clothing is fun for men, women and children. Look for high quality, authentic Penn State apparel and products to express zeal for PSU.

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Sexy Costumes

Sexy costumes can carry an original dimension to your relationship that you have never thought of before. Adult Halloween sexy costumes are a good treat every night of the year, not just at Halloween or to Halloween parties. Costumes are not just for kids any longer, they are surely not just for October - dressing up, and performance with your husband, wife or lover is a great way to connect in your relationship and have an exclusive experience in its place of the usual bedroom routine.

The sexy costumes feature that would almost certainly be rated number one for sexy Halloween costumes is showing a bit of skin. Plunging necklines, naked midriffs, and small skirts that show lots of leg are the model for most flirtatious costumes. Form-fitting costumes also rated high in terms of appeal. Closely fitting suits, skirts, and tops can be very sexy Costumes even if they do not make known a lot of skin. This is one of the great news for women, who want to appear attractive without wearing something too revealing. Even though you do not have the ideal body, fitted costumes tends to be more flattering than baggy, loose-fitting ensembles.

People like to sense sexy, exotic and erotic. Some women wish trashy lingerie or slutty lingerie. Other women like lingerie that is more stylish and advanced, like French lingerie. No issue what underwear, undergarments, or base garments a woman wears, she can experience pretty, cute, or naughty depending on the way of costume, bra, corset or other unmentionables. A woman does not have to dress like a prostitute or streetwalker to sense sexy. There are new styles of sexy dresses and outfits existing for buying online now than there has ever been before on the internet. There is also a huge collection of intimates in plus sizes for BBW (big beautiful women). Sexy lingerie can help out you feel pretty when you feel fat and lazy and this boost in self-esteem can do superb things for your love life, opening lines of message that have been untapped between you and your partner. Some people feel uncomfortable to play role-playing games, they sense like dressing up in costumes and acting out a fantasy is a craze or incredible to be unseen and feeling guilty about. You possibly do not want to show it to the neighborhood or post detailed pictures on your blog, but done in a loving way among partners it is a big sexy way to improve your romantic life with your partner. With the great selection of leather lingerie offered, you can get as wayward as you want or stay tame and cute in your costume and outfit up fantasy play.

You can spark your relation and your mind by appealing in forplay with your spouse while one or both of you dress in sexy costumes. Edify him a lesson as a sexy tutor - bring a special brand of nookie cookies as a sexy Girl Scout - do a sexy dance as a belly performer - tend to one another as a sexy nurse or a sexy doctor. Your outfit is just the start of the game. You can put on your dress early in the day and play the part of the Girl Scout or nurse or teacher all day long, heightening the thrill until the sunset when you go to bed. The probable stories and fantasies limited only by your imagination and your partner's mind. Sexy costumes and lingerie for an enthralled evening of romance and makes deem and a full line of lingerie costumes for the fun and idealistic at heart.

Metamorphosis Of Ethnic Roman Costumes

History permeates every corner of the ancient city of Rome known as the eternal city. Their culture is the basis for todays society, culture and fashion. Much of the Roman clothing culture is based on the Greek fashion. They were also influenced by the Egyptians during the middle of 200 BC, but later on they developed their own clothing style, known as the Roman Clothing. To Romans, clothing was not just a means of covering their body, but it was highly symbolic exhibiting an indication of their class, social status, age gender, and occupation. They wanted to depict everyone around them; and to the rest of the world, what their place was in the society. It varied in color, style, and adornments indicating the persons position in the Empire. In the later years, these garments became appealing garments for the modern fashion aficionados. As time slipped, there was progress in the weaving methods, but the basic pattern of garments remained the same.

Traditional Roman Closet: Tunics and Togas:

Ancient Romans wore two types of basic garments, tunics and togas. Tunics were informal and indoor costumes, while togas were official and outdoor costumes. Both were made of spun wool. Tunic was comfortable for working and moving around indoors. Mostly white in color, the tunic was often undyed, and unadorned. Still, the upper class people wore tunics with some decorations so as to distinguish themselves from the slaves. Togas were adopted from the Greek fashion. It was an important garment and an indication of roman citizenship. No foreigner was allowed to wear a toga though he lived in Italy or Rome. Toga was the official garment of both men and woman of Rome. Later the trend changed, and togas were worn only by male Roman citizens.

Mens Clothing:

Men wore a tunic both at home and when they went out. Similar in appearance to a long tee-shirt, the type of tunic differed from one class to another. The tunic worn by common people, herdsmen and slaves was made of coarse cloth and was usually dark in color. Patricians wore white color tunic made of wool or linen. Magistrates wore the tunic called augusticlavia, senators wore it with broad strips called tunica laticlavia, and shorter tunics were worn by the military people. During special occasions, they covered the tunic with a white wool coat called toga. It was square or rectangular in shape and was draped around the body. The toga was an indication of the social status of the person. Togas of consuls and senators were edged with purple. Emperors togas were completely purple. Black ones were worn during mourning. Romans did not wear trousers, but later on they used one while they were hunting or riding called Gallic bracae. It was also worn by the soldiers for warmth.

Roman Woman:

Womens clothing was very simple and lacked luxury and exquisite elegance. They did not have distinctions in clothing like men that would indicate their social status. Their only distinction was the stolas which was worn only by married compensate with this, they relayed more on hair styles and jewellery. Roman women also wore a tunic which was usually of knee length. Over this, they draped a stola which was a long dress from neck to ankle, with a belt around the waist. The stola was usually white, grey, or brown in color and all married woman were entitled to wear it. When they went out, they covered themselves around the shoulders and arm with a shawl called pallium and also covered their head with its edge. Covering their head was customary for every Roman woman when they go in public. Initially, togas were considered as official wears of both men and women. During the time of republic, togas were worn only by men. However, a certain category of women, Roman prostitutes ironically wore togas to indicate their lower status in the society.

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Here Comes The Sun?evans Summer 2008 Collection Launches

Essential, affordable summer looks and plus size styling are the key elements of the Evans Summer 2008 collection, which showcase all the latest trends for the season to ensure you walk from beach to bar with confidence and style.

For poolside chic there is a fantastic selection of shorts, kaftans and cover-ups and the plus size swimwear collection includes two piece sets and costumes that all offer excellent support, combined with flattering designs and colours that are available from a size 14-32 in standard and fuller fitting swimwear cups.

Everyone needs a statement summer dress and Evans has a great range, from one shoulder and empire line to an elegant flowing maxi dress in beautiful chiffon, dip-dye, ditsy floral or ethnic prints. Colours include rich pinks, corals, vibrant yellows and dazzling oceanic blues.

If you are looking for something to create a longer line look there is the tailored wide leg trouser that looks great teamed with a lightweight boyfriend blazer and a peep-toe high platform shoe or patent wedge which are both available in wider fitting styles from size four to ten.

In addition Evans has a beautiful collection of jewellery, sunglasses and accessories to complement every outfit. There are cute patent clutch bags, colourful soft leather shoulder bags, embellished Grecian leather sandals and waist belts as well statement jewellery pieces that include Indian inspired bracelets and cuffs, earrings and necklaces.

So whether you are looking for an outfit for a holiday, work or wedding, Evans has all the fashion solutions and hottest trends to help you achieve your summer wardrobe wish list.

The evans summer collection is available from the end of April in selected Evans stores and online at .

Plus Size Myths

When it comes to plus size myths, the best approach would be subtracting as you go along rather than multiplying them. Today we will discuss 5 plus size myths and break them once and for all.

Myth #1: Wearing plus size lingerie means that you?re fat.

Often times, when a woman is wearing plus sized lingerie, she is ostracized by other people. If you?re wearing a size bigger than most, people automatically assume that you?re a tad heavier too. Wearing plus size means that you have a bigger frame or that you are top heavy. This doesn?t necessarily translate into obesity. There is a world of difference between wearing a plus size and being unattractively fat. Don?t let it get you. Lots of plus size women like Crystal Renn, America Ferrera and (gasp!) Marilyn Monroe are considered beautiful.

Myth #2: You can fit comfortably into small bras.

No matter what others say, trying to wear an ill-fitting bra brings ill effects. It is not embarrassing to wear a plus size bra at all. Take Le Mystere?s Dream Tisha Bra. Most of Le Mystere?s bras are sexier than its smaller sized counterparts.

Myth #3: Being beautiful means being a size zero.

We are surrounded with images of thin women no matter where we go. Fashion has long been a body-fixated industry. As a result, many women have negative body image. But being beautiful doesn?t mean that you have to fit into a size 0 dress. Take America?s Next Top Model Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson. She wears a size 10 and she is proud of it. Going under your healthy weight to be able to fit into a dress is not only unhealthy, but it will also not have glamorous repercussions.

Myth #4: Being thin means being healthier.

A small frame doesn?t automatically translate into fitness and health. This is a common misconception. Health should never be equated with a dress size. Some people are wraith thin but they aren?t at the peak of health. There are lots of plus size women who are living healthy and productive lives. Being a healthy person includes that you are eating well and that you are at your ideal weight.

Myth #5: You have to measure up against the standard.

Trying to look like air brushed models on magazine covers will never be healthy for your self-esteem. Measuring yourself against unrealistic ideals will make you feel frustrated. Conversely, there is no ?standard size?. You should embrace your size, no matter how petite or plus size you are. Wearing plus size lingerie can help you feel sexier and better.

Choosing Trousers In Women Plus Sizes

Trousers were used to be worn by male since the 16th century. It was only in the early 20th century that trousers were popularly worn by women. It now comes in different styles and sizes. There are also trousers in women plus sizes that?s suitable for girls in full figures. Depending on the style and the type of fabric, trousers can either be used for casual and formal wear.

Choosing trousers plus sizes is sometimes not easy. The goal of the buyer is that it should fit perfectly in the hips and legs. But there are still other parts of the trouser that are highly important for the right fit. For one, the length of the trouser should match with that of the user?s legs. The fit of the crotch should be considered because trousers with too loose or too tight crotch may have effect on how women look with the trouser. Checking the upper and lower hips is also crucial. This is the most important measurement in choosing trousers as there are different hip plus sizes for women. The upper hip is the measurement around the waist while the lower hip is the measurement around the buttocks. One should know her hips size as there are different hip sizes available in the stores. To ensure the best fit, women should test-wear trousers before buying. Also, they would be able to feel if they are comfortable wearing the trouser and if it compliments their full figure.

Chocolate Lover T-shirts And Gifts: Show Your Love

Almost everyone has at least a few t-shirts in their closet for days when they don?t have to dress up and want to feel comfortable on a warm day. A t-shirt says a lot about a person and you should be able to find any kind of t-shirt you want. They go great with almost any pair of shorts, pants or blue jeans.

There are so many options for t-shirts out there; you can get ones with funny quotes or messages on them or shirts with interesting designs as well. You can even find places that specialize in custom t-shirts where you can print a certain image or shirt on any kind of shirt and shirt color you like. You can even go as far with a shirt to state everyday things that you love.

One of those things that people like to display is their love for chocolate. It?s not secret that many people love chocolate and feel like they can?t live without. Chocolate is a food that people have been obsessed about for a long time and have no problem telling others how much they love it.

That?s why it?s good to find t-shirts that state exactly how you feel, so you can tell everyone who reads the shirt how much you love chocolate. And if you aren?t the one that is obsessed with chocolate yourself but live or work with someone who is, chocolate t-shirts are a great gift. It?s a good way to have a little fun with your friends or family about their obsession with chocolate, and it is a pretty funny obsession.

However, if you don?t want to give a t-shirt as a gift, then you can give other things as well. You can get mugs, hats, tote bags, key chains, ties, sweatshirts, hoodies, teddy bears, and many other items with funny messages and pictures about chocolate on them. It?s just another way to have fun with a co-worker or a family member and to brighten other people?s days. The designs and words on the shirts can be virtually anything and a lot of places already have pre-existing images and wording so all the work is done for you. You even have the ability to customize the kind of color the shirt or object is that it will be printed on.

Life is too serious at times so it helps to be able to have a joke with your friends of family. Laughing makes everyone feel better, even if they are experiencing a bad day. It can make a good day even better also. That?s the whole point of giving people gifts, making people feel better, so why not make them laugh while you are at it. And there really isn?t anything funnier than a chocolate obsession. You might as well give them a box of chocolates while you are giving them their t-shirt or other gift as well, but I wouldn?t expect them to share the chocolates with you.

Celebrity Brands

Music and fashion have always gone hand and hand; Artists become celebrities and icons through a unique quality, their performance and their ability to affect society in some shape or form whether it is through their image and style or their views and actions. Many musical artists have recognised that they can create a brand through their fame as people want to share their style and lifestyle. It has been going on for years such as when the Spice Girls wore buffalo boots, people through by mimicking them, that they too showed ?Girl power? and when the Sex Pistols wore bicker boots and torn t-shirts, people also wanted to wear the same to reflect them and to show that they too were anarchists. Now ti sis the turn of the rappers, and many have successfully translated their image into a brand for people to buy into. One such rapper is Jay z.

Due to society?s celebrity obsession, becoming stronger and stronger, it is no wonder that many celebrities have recognised the profitability of their name and image. Many have brands that offer clothes, fragrances, and accessories all designed supposedly by the artist themselves. Jay Z was one of the first hip hop artists to jump on the band wagon and start his own range which is arguable one of the most popular and successful.

Jay Z endorses the bran called Rocawear. Although he founded the company with his business partner and friend Damon Dash, in 1999, by 2006, Jay Z decided to go it alone, and took over the company due to the pair falling out. The rocawear clothing range was originally just for man, but expanded into ladies wear, childrens wear, footwear and accessories producing an estimated annual turnover of over $700 million. However, the profits don? tstop their for Jayz, as in 2007, he sold the rights to Rocawear to the group Iconix with Jay Z walking away $207 million richer. This shows the enormous potential that these celebrity brands have and that if they become successful, there is no limits to the earnings.

How this urban brand manages to be so successful is through its identification with the fans, with Jay Z still at the design helm Rocawear and even wears the clothes from rocawear on tour. It is clear to see that customers by the range to replicate the hip hop artist Rocawear and the most popular ranges of the lines are the jeans by rocawear. The brand that Jay z has successfully created allows others to taste a bit of the fame letting them associate with their favourite rap star. Many other celebrity brands are also successful in achieving this and many more in the future will follow in his footsteps.

Rocawear urban clothing is one of the leading hip hop fashion brands throughout the wolrd representing street style that youths of today can identify with.